It was an absolute pleasure working with Maggie Lind as our listing agent. She was kind, professional, organized, relaxed and smart.  She exceeded our expectations of an agent in every way.  She provided us with a timeline of action items that she was going to execute before listing the house and stayed true to timeline with a result that blew our minds.  The time, care and attention to detail paid off for us.  We listed our house on March 20th and the house was sold on March 26th and we could not have been happier with the result.  Maggie guided us through the whole process in a way where we felt a great deal of trust and very taken care of.  I would recommend Maggie Lind as an agent in a heart beat to anyone in need.  I think she is exceptional at what she does.

Darcy and Ian, Summerhill

Maggie Lind is as committed, kind and professional a real estate agent as you are likely to find.  My husband and I worked with her over the course of 18 months while we looked at houses from one end of Toronto to the other.

When we first started working with Maggie, we knew little about the market and we lacked a firm sense of what we were looking for in a home.  With incredible patience and professionalism, Maggie gently guided us along the way to understanding both. With Maggie’s help, expert advice, and a great deal of her time (which she was always willing to give), we grew to understand exactly what we were looking for and how to go about getting it.  Very intuitive, Maggie was able to read us well such that she identified the style and feel of home we were after and the subtle touches we would cherish… before even we did. And she never made us feel rushed in the process.  Maggie at all times respected the magnitude of the transaction and always maintained a professional approach, including offering balanced, considered, and – most importantly – honest advice whenever asked. 

In addition to being a wonderful person to work with, Maggie is also extremely skilled as an agent and highly knowledgeable about the industry. For example, she always predicted the eventual sale price of a home, from Lawrence Park to Swansea, within about $75,000–which is miraculous given that houses in Toronto over the past three years have sold anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 over asking.  Also, when it came time to making a bid on our current home, Maggie’s advice on strategy and her execution of it were spot on.  The transaction was handled perfectly and we are now enjoying our beautiful house thanks to her amazing representation.   

 We simply cannot say enough good things about Maggie and we feel incredibly lucky to have found her! 

Shannon B., Roncesvalles


Working with a real estate agent can be a very delicate relationship; it often involves providing a total stranger with access to the intimate details of your life, be they financial, lifestyle, family and other aspects that are usually private and guarded. Early in our search for a new home we met Maggie at one of her open houses, and instantly felt comfortable with the way she presented and conducted herself. She was friendly and attentive without being pushy, and, even in the busy and chaotic atmosphere of the open house, in a very brief conversation seemed to understand the issues, concerns and expectations that we brought to our search.

In our case, this involved downsizing from our large, detached family home of 21 years to a smaller property at a very challenging time in the Toronto housing market. Over the course of about a year, Maggie helped us navigate and understand the vagaries of the market, helped us narrow down the types of properties that worked best for us, and eventually provided excellent advice and helped us successfully bid on an in-demand property. Due to Maggie’s excellent knowledge of the market and strategic advice, we were spared the frustration of losing out in a competitive bidding environment.

When it came to selling our house, Maggie again provided invaluable advice and connected us to a variety of trades and services that were instrumental in preparing our home and helped us conclude a successful sale. She understood how challenging it was for us to leave our home of 21 years, and her calm and reassuring demeanour helped us make appropriate decisions throughout the sale process. The house was beautifully staged and prepared, and Maggie ran extremely successful open houses and showings that led to multiple offers well above our asking price.

At all stages of both our buying and selling experiences, Maggie was quick to respond to all our questions and concerns, no matter how trivial. She was consistently helpful and gracious, inspiring confidence that we could trust her to look after our best interests throughout the process. Maggie is not only an extremely capable, ethical and professional agent, she also has outstanding people skills, which for us was every bit as important as her real estate market savvy. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have met Maggie at that first open house, and very smart to have engaged her to act as our agent. Thank you Maggie!

Marco and Jennifer, High Park

We worked with Maggie for many, many years before finally finding our dream home. Never once did we feel pressured to hurry up and buy something. Quite the opposite, Maggie kept reassuring us that the right house was out there, it was just a matter of time until we found it. She was right and we did. Subsequent to purchasing our new home, she also took care of selling our current home. We had planned to be away through the entire listing process and Maggie took care of everything for us. Our home looked tremendous and we were very pleased with the resulting sale.

Casey and Conrad, Annex
I met Maggie at one of her open houses just as I was trying to decide who to hire to sell my home. After seeing her in action and talking to her, I threw out the short list of agents I was considering, and committed to work with her. At the top of my wish list I had written, “shark”. Second was “knowledgable about the market”. Being a lovely person wasn’t even on the list. Maggie certainly is a knowledgable shark 🙂 but she is also a lovely human who is professional and sane, and is up for the roller coaster ride of selling your home. Every step of the way Maggie was meticulous about what needed to be done, offered support, and delivered solid practical advice with warmth and humour. On offer day she was the picture of calm with a firm hand. The result was a sale beyond my hopes. It’s obvious she loves her job. Look no farther than Maggie.

Kim, Dufferin Grove
We had the pleasure to meet Maggie at an open house and were impressed with her knowledge of the area as well her warm and professional approach. Maggie made a potentially stressful process into an enjoyable and exciting one by guiding us step by step on the purchase of our first house and the sale of our condo. We had all the confidence and trust in her ability to find our new home and represent us. She truly went above and beyond and we highly recommend her expertise to anyone! 

Jessica and Kasy, Wychwood
We interviewed a number of agents prior to listing our house. We were looking for a person who knew the area, was calm under fire but most importantly was someone we could trust without question. We chose Maggie Lind and she delivered on all counts.

Tony and Jo, Lytton Park

Maggie recently helped us purchase a home in Leslieville. She was a real pleasure to work with! My wife and I are first-time home buyers and Maggie was especially helpful in providing us with detailed information on the market, neighborhoods, and the financing / negotiation / closing process in general. Needless to say, she was extremely professional and made our lives significantly easier. Maggie came highly recommended to us and we would have no hesitation in working with her again!

Vishal and Deba, Leslieville 

Words no not do justice to how thankful we are that we
had the opportunity to buy our first Toronto home with you as our agent.  From the beginning, you were always available at a moments notice with knowledgeable advice and encouragement.  We couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.  You gave us the best home buying experience we could ask for amidst a very crazy Toronto market.  You are simply the best Maggie.

Sara and J.E., Dufferin Grove
We chose Maggie after interviewing several other agents. Her ability to work WITH us in partnership on selling our home meant a great deal to us. Her connections, be it storage, staging, cleaning or removal are bar none; in fact the people she referred us to raved about her as well. Following her advice paid off when we received an astounding 15 offers for our home, which sold for well over asking. Words that come to mind about Maggie would be: smart, professional, capable, calm and polished. We hold her in the highest regard.

David and Kathie H., Allenby

Maggie came to us highly recommended from a friend, and from the first day we met her we knew that she lived up to her reputation and more.  As first time home buyers in Toronto, the process can be very intimidating, but working with such a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and honest realtor put us at ease in knowing that we were making informative and wise decisions. Her knowledge and understanding of house construction and design was extremely valuable to us when we saw houses that required upgrades and renovations.  Her expertise in the housing market and her ability to accurately valuate properties made us confident that we were offering fair market value for houses and not substantially over-bidding.  Because of Maggie’s professionalism, patience, and punctuality we highly trusted her to represent us at offers.  We couldn’t have done this without her!

Keren M., Bickford Park
My wife and I met Maggie during one of her open houses in early 2015.  We were impressed with how she conducted the open house, and then we exchanged a few emails to see how she worked.  Our interactions showed that she had a great knowledge of the market and that she was very responsive to our needs.

Maggie was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.  She first got to know us better so that we could narrow our search.  During the next six months, we had to revise both our needs and wants list multiple times, and relied on her guidance heavily. During the bidding process, Maggie was not pushy at all, but provided us with very helpful input so that we could come up with a competitive price that we felt comfortable with.  In the end, we ended up buying a lovely home in Davisville village. 

House-hunting in Toronto is always stressful; however, having an agent like Maggie went a long way to making it as pleasant as possible.

In summary, Maggie knows her Toronto real estate, is friendly, accommodating, reliable, and trustworthy.  If you use her as your real estate agent, you will come to see this as well.

Raymond & Hyejin, Davisville Village
My wife and I retained Maggie for the purchase of our first home. Maggie was exceptional. Her knowledge of residential real estate was extensive—and this can’t be honestly stated about many of the brokers my wife and I met prior to meeting Maggie. Maggie had a cautious and diligent approach to acquiring the right property and understood what we were looking for from very early in the endeavour. Perhaps most critically, Maggie managed the offer process with sophistication and shrewdness and with the utmost care and confidence. From a personal standpoint, Maggie was an absolute pleasure to work, which perversely made our quick purchase bittersweet, as my wife and I didn’t have the joy of working with Maggie longer. Maggie was exceptionally receptive to the many questions we asked her and her answers were always thoughtful and practical. I would highly recommend Maggie’s expertise to anyone looking for a home. And I wouldn’t hesitate calling Maggie again when it’s time for a new home. 

Amanda & Jonathan., Hillcrest Village
We met Maggie at an open house for one of her listings and we were immediately impressed by her knowledge of the area we were looking at.  Following our initial meeting, we hired her to help us with both the sale of our existing home and the purchase of our new home.  Throughout the buying and selling process, we were very pleased with the level of service she provided.   The insight she brought to the table with respect to pricing strategy, staging, and marketing allowed for a quick sale of our home for a price that we were very happy with.  Her experience certainly played a role in keeping us calm and rational during the process.  We would absolutely recommend Maggie and her team at Chestnut Park to anyone in need of an agent.

Adam & Alisa B., King West


Working with Maggie took 90% of the stress out of what is normally considered a pretty stressful event – selling our home from abroad. We worked with her six years ago when we bought our home and were thoroughly impressed, but since then have moved out of the country and needed help on all aspects of prepping the house for sale – painting, landscaping, rubbish removal, staging, cleaning, you name it. It was daunting considering we couldn’t physically be there to oversee the work but Maggie’s team did an extraordinary job in an extremely short period of time and we were even able to list the house a week early. Maggie handled the negotiations expertly when offers started coming in, and we were delighted to sell our home for significantly over asking. We could never have imagined that selling our home while in another country could be so stress-free and this is down to the services and professionalism of Maggie and her top-notch team. She is the definition of a full service agent with knowledge of the market that’s second to none.

Heather and Sean, Christie Pit       


Working with Maggie was an absolute pleasure. As first-time buyers, we feel very lucky she was there to help us navigate the Toronto real estate market. We were so impressed by her professionalism, poise, dedication, and genuine desire to help that we have recommended her to friends. We look forward to working with Maggie again in the future.

Clarice & Bud W., Queen West

We found Maggie by chance at an open house — to our extreme good fortune.

A walking encyclopaedia of house-based knowledge, she can immediately answer most any question you can think of.  What’s more, she will unearth a host of important things you didn’t even know about, which, as first-time home buyers, was extremely reassuring.

It is hard to describe how stabilizing she is during those inevitable moments of frustration that come with looking for a house in Toronto’s current market.  We never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision, and have no doubt that, had it taken many months longer to find our home, Maggie would have been there every step of the way with the same calm and measured approach.

She is thoughtful, patient, incredibly responsive and exhaustive in her research. As professional and courteous an advisor as you will find, and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

She helped us find an amazing home, and we think she’s awesome!

Tom C., Trinity Bellwoods

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Maggie help us with the recent purchase of our new home, and subsequent sale of our existing place.  The Toronto real estate market is difficult to navigate to say the least – it can be overwhelming and frustrating with thousands of questions along the way.  Thankfully we had Maggie to help us on the journey – she has a very unique skill set (expertise, work ethic and personality) that made the process smooth and enjoyable.

Every potential property brings up a host of unique questions – most often Maggie had already anticipated the question and had the answer, or was quick to find the right resource to get the answer to us.  I’m confident that the reason the sale of our current place went so smoothly was because of Maggie’s knowledge and experience.  Maggie had a well thought out plan and anticipated every potential snag resulting in multiple, clean offers and a better than expected sale price.

Maggie also has an outstanding work ethic – finding time for house visits, email responses and phone calls and working around our challenging work and family schedules.  I don’t know how she can keep up with all the questions, but she does it with ease.

Lastly, and probably most importantly are Maggie’s people skills.  She is very talented at providing encouragement and advice in a way that let’s you come to a decision on your own.  This left us feeling fully informed, and able to make decisions that we were happy with.  I think the daunting market combined with the wrong agent could easily push people into decisions they may regret.  Thankfully we were in great hands with Maggie guiding us along the way to finding a new house we love, and an old house that sold for more than we could have hoped for.

My wife and I would confidently recommend Maggie to anyone, I couldn’t imagine someone better.  Thanks Maggie!

Dr. Philip W., Bedford Park

You are fantastic at what you do, and I am so glad  I was connected with you.  I really respect your opinions, and knowledge in this field.

Andrea D., Waterfront

We worked with Maggie to find our long term family home in Deer Park. She really took the time to listen and ask questions of us so she could understand exactly what listings would be relevant to our search. We are two working parents with two young kids in full time school. Needless to say we had time constraints and limited windows where we could go and see houses. Maggie was very accommodating to our schedules and made the process efficient. When we found the right home Maggie laid out the bid strategy, educated us on all the historical comparable sales and provided her insights into the current market dynamics. Given Maggie’s level of professionalism and experience we felt very confident having her represent us at the negotiation table with the seller and their agent. The bidding process, paperwork and closing of the deal were painless. Now we just needed to sell our existing home! And it was December. Maggie encouraged us to move quickly rather than wait until after Christmas, which was definitely the right advice. She helped us with everything from finding handymen, painters, cleaners and was there whenever we needed her. It was a real team effort and within one week Maggie managed to effectively list, market and sell our house over asking. Maggie was able to generate multiple competitive well-funded bids for presentation to us. It was a great relief to have completed the process and we couldn’t have done it without her. Maggie was extremely professional throughout the whole process and expertly managed any necessary trouble shooting. We highly recommend!

Chris and Jessica, Annex to Deer Park

Moving homes is always unsettling but finding the right home makes the entire process a transcending life experience. For that, our family owes Maggie a great debt. Having lost our mother and wife, the kids and I needed a change from our home of 10 years but it couldn’t be just any home. Maggie’s familiarity with the Lytton Park and Summerhill areas proved invaluable for the sale and eventual buy. Experienced, conscientious, hard working and relentless, she did a masterful job of showcasing our loving home, drawing in the right professionals (agent marketing, photography, staging, handymen) to maximize the experience and patiently navigate us through an otherwise very emotional and difficult process. We sold first, not knowing where we were headed but we trusted Maggie would find us a home; and she did.
Our requirements were demanding. It is remarkable how well she got to know our family through the sale process and her intuition and judgement about what we were looking for in a new home was spot on. Always in the know of what suitable properties will be coming to market, Maggie mobilized our team early allowing us the requisite time to confidently bid in a competitive, compressed and heated market.
The property only listed for a day before accepting bids. Maggie had the home inspector in before I even saw the property and we may have been the only group able to complete an inspection which helped us with our bid strategy. You never want to chase a property (or chase it too much) and hope you remain within the parameters of a sound financial investment. This is your agent’s responsibility, to earn your trust and help you find those boundaries and exercise restraint which Maggie fulfilled admirably. I still fondly remember that last bid discussion Maggie and I had where she convinced me to add $1,000 more to my final walk away number. Well, we won the bid by $1,000. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, this home has been such a joy for our family, it would have been tragic to have missed this opportunity for $1,000.
Thank-you Maggie.

Joe C., Lytton Park/Summerhill

To anyone considering buying through or listing with Maggie Lind:
When I was selling my long-time family home, I looked for a level-headed partner who could steer me through a sometimes anxious transaction. Maggie Lind was professional, sensitive to my particular circumstances and completely reliable. Her valuation of the house was spot-on, and she showed a keen sense of the market’s direction. Throughout the process, I felt that I could trust her, that she was diligently looking after my interests. I could not have asked for more.

James D., Rosedale


This past spring we chose to work with Maggie to find a new home for our growing family. After seeing a couple of places Maggie showed us exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately, it was exactly what 10 other people wanted as well. Maggie steered us through a rough bidding war against some very seasoned real estate veterans and came through with an offer. All the while keeping us calm and laughing. She even watched Dora the Explorer with our son while we went to sign the papers! Now the real test was helping us to get our house sold in the same crazy market. Again, Maggie coached us through the process and we had it listed within two weeks – no easy feat with two children under 3. The house was listed on a Tuesday and the following Monday evening, after over 70 private showings and even more on the weekend open houses, we watched in awe as 11 offers presented themselves. We could not have been happier with the process, the outcome, and the whole experience with Maggie. We met a lot of real estate agents during that time and realized quickly how truly unique Maggie is. Highly recommend!

Leigh G., Annex

Buying a home in Toronto can be overwhelming, from product to location. The options are limitless. Maggie Lind made the process simple and seamless. She took the time to work with us to understand what was important, tailoring our viewings to homes that matched our specifications and interests.
Maggie also educated us on current market trends, the importance of selecting the right location, and the art of the infamous bidding war.
We couldn’t be happier with the service we received and the address we call home.

Paul and Joanne, Yonge & Eglinton

Working with Maggie is such a pleasure! She is such a professional. In helping us both buy and sell a house she went above and beyond to make the process as easy, seamless and the least stressful possible. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Rebecca and Marshall, Hillcrest Village

Maggie is the perfect balance of everything it takes to be a great real estate agent! She is knowledgable, communicative, patient, and honest. She is hard working, but never gives you the feeling that she’s short on time or tied up with other clients. Maggie has guided us through three transactions over 5 years, all of which have been fast, painless and smooth (which is very rare when you’re dealing in the Toronto market). Our house sold in less than a week and she has taken us through bidding wars unscathed. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the real thing!

Alison F., Leaside

As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions when we started looking at houses earlier this year. Not only did Maggie answer all of them, she made the entire process seamless and easy. Maggie goes above and beyond to make sure you not only find a great home, but the right home for you, your family and your budget!

Heather W., Davisville Village

This past week I closed on my new home and wanted to pass along a few words on my experience in dealing with my Chestnut Park realtor, Maggie Lind. The entire process for me took about 7 months and during that entire time I was extremely impressed with Maggie’s dedication, patience, and professionalism in helping me find the home I have always wanted. Whether it was after work or on weekends Maggie was always enthusiastic about answering my questions and heading out to look at properties. Due to Maggie’s hard work, the house hunting experience was extremely enjoyable and I found a house I absolutely love. She is a fantastic representative and I feel completely confident recommending her.

Jeff D., Annex

I wouldn’t have any of this without your help.  And I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this with anyone else. You were patient, and knowledgable. I trusted your judgement.  This was a big move for me, and a stressful one, but I made it through in one piece because of your expertise.

Andrea D., Cabbagetown

Maggie, in a word, is AMAZING. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have had her as our realtor for the purchase of our first home. She knew her stuff inside and out, and truly went beyond all of our expectations in service of our needs. We have since called on her for advice and recommended her to a number of friends whom have also had amazing experiences working with her to purchase their homes and apartments. She operates with the highest level of integrity and I recommend her to anyone in the Toronto region without any reservation. Thanks for everything Maggie!

Heather T., Christie Pitts

It was a pleasure to work with Maggie to find my new condominium. Being a first time buyer, she took the time to take me through the process and be sure I knew everything I needed to know. She was always available to answer any questions, and happy to meet with me anytime to view units. The whole process from the initial searches to final closing went very smoothly. I would definitely work with Maggie again, and gladly recommend her.

Dave S., Yonge & St. Clair

Maggie was recommended to us by a friend and was great.  She took us through the home buying process from beginning to end.  We talked with Maggie about what we were looking for and, after she found homes for sale in our desired neighbourhood and price range, she offered very helpful market and home-ownership advice.  With Maggie’s help, we bought a detached home in the neighbourhood we wanted, on our desired street, at a good price.

Brendan G., The Danforth