Before You SellFirst impressions are so important. In fact, potential buyers will form an opinion about your home within the first 15 seconds of their visit. Small details can make a big difference and have a significant effect on the perceived condition of your home. Below is a list of recommendations to create a lasting positive impression on those visiting your home:


Curb Appeal

The first impression a Buyer will have is the front of your home. Consider having your lawn cut, plant seasonal flowers in your garden, remove excess garden waste and have your downspouts cleaned.

Wash Windows

It’s an inexpensive way to make the home glisten from the street.  If you live in a condominium, at least give the interior windows a shine, and the interior and exterior balcony doors as well.


Remove as many knick-knacks, books, and miscellaneous items as possible. Clear off countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms.  The fewer distractions there are for buyers the more they will be focused on the space.

Clean Your Closets

Look at the interior of closets and cupboards and see if the excess items can be removed to show more space. Remove seasonal clothing from wardrobes to allow for more room.  Remove the second and third bottle of balsamic vinegar from your pantry. Buyers want to open closets and see how much room there is inside. If it is stuffed full they will feel as though the home lacks storage.


Photographs create lasting memories and are wonderful keepsakes, however, these create distractions for those viewing your home. Try and minimalize your personal effects in every room.


Less furniture shows more space. The objective should be to create an even flow from room to room.  To accomplish this, consider removing leaves from your dining room table, or taking excess furniture entirely out of a room.

Fresh Flowers

An easy and relatively cheap way to promote a fresh and clean effect in any space.


I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your home clean during the listing period. Nothing is more distracting to a buyer than dirt. I would encourage a thorough vacuum and floor wash, polishing your faucets and hardware, deodorizing pet areas, and cleaning your carpets. As often as possible, try to keep up with the cleaning throughout the listing period.

Good Working Order

Have no doubt, buyers will turn on your stove, open the fridge, and test out your shower’s water pressure. They will open cabinets and drawers, and inspect under your sink. Do a test run of all of your appliances to ensure they’re flawless and operate properly.

Look At Rooms From A Buyer’s Perspective

Do any of your rooms require repairs or an extra coat of paint? Take the time to replace light bulbs, broken tiles, or damaged wood trim. Do your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open and close smoothly? Perhaps updating your hardware would create a fresh new look. It’s important to try and look at your house as any buyer would. The fewer repairs that appear to be necessary, the higher the value of the home is perceived to hold.

Professional Home Stagers

Should you require extra assistance with the preparation of your home, I have a list of expert stagers and tradespeople who would be happy to help.  In my experience, the extra expense of these services results in faster sales and achieves higher selling prices.

For a printable checklist of recommended preparations, please email me directly or click here.